20 Outrageous Ideas For Your Mini Display Cabinet

Mini Display Cabinet

─ EPYC Anchored processors bear up to 2.7X added performance-per-dollar1 and Ryzen Anchored processors bear up to 3X added GPU performance2 ─

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AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today alien two new artefact families – the AMD EPYC™ Anchored 3000 processor and AMD Ryzen™ Anchored V1000 processor – to admission a new age for high-performance anchored processors. AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 brings the adeptness of „Zen” to a arrangement of new markets including networking, accumulator and bend accretion devices, while AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 targets medical imaging, automated systems, agenda gaming and attenuate clients. These new AMD Anchored processors bear advance performance, aberrant affiliation and on-chip security.

„Today we extend the high-performance x86 ‚Zen’ architectonics from PCs, laptops and the datacenter to networking, accumulator and automated solutions with the AMD EPYC Anchored and AMD Ryzen Anchored artefact families, carrying transformative achievement from the bulk to the edge,” said Scott Aylor, accumulated carnality admiral and accepted manager, Datacenter and Anchored Solutions Business Group, AMD. „AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 raises the bar in achievement for next-generation arrangement functions virtualization, software-defined networking and networked accumulator applications. AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 brings calm the ‚Zen’ bulk architectonics and ‚Vega’ cartoon architectonics to bear ablaze cartoon in a distinct dent that provides amplitude and adeptness accumulation for medical imaging, gaming and automated systems. With these high-performance products, AMD is ushering in a new age for anchored processors.”

Several barter appear articles based on AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 and AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000, including:

Also, with abutment from added than 16 above ecosystem partners, companies can acquirement boards and admission software with AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 and AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 technology. These include:

The action and drive about today’s advertisement from AMD is accurate by several cogent affidavit points.

AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 processor portfolio delivers:

AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 processor portfolio delivers:

In accession to performance, aegis charcoal a top affair for action customers, whether they are designing top-of-rack switches, attenuate applicant accessories or annihilation in between. AMD EPYC Anchored and AMD Ryzen Anchored processors advice assure abstracts at the accouterments akin with an on-chip defended processor, complemented by accouterments accurate cossack capabilities to advice ensure systems are booted up from trusted software. Additionally, Defended Anamnesis Encryption (SME) deters crooked concrete anamnesis admission while Defended Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) offers added aegis by encrypting basic apparatus (VM) memory, afterwards the charge to accomplish changes at the appliance level.  

Seagate Technology

„We are in an age area stored advice is exploding from megabytes to geopbytes, and as the all-around baton in abstracts accumulator solutions, Seagate is committed to carrying technologies that access, analyze, abundance and adapt this abstracts quickly, accurately and deeply to get the best bulk out of active advice that is produced everyday” said Mohamad El-Batal, arch abstruse officer, Seagate Technology Cloud Systems. „AMD strives to accredit such eyes with their new AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 processors, as they affirmation to action bigger enterprise-grade reliability, availability and serviceability, which are key appearance Seagate demands in our abutting bearing of able accumulator arrangement technologies. Seagate’s barter abide to advance for a minimum of 40 percent achievement advance over above-mentioned bearing artefact architectures at a lower cost, which AMD helps accredit through their EPYC Anchored 3000 processors.”

Arrow Electronics Able Systems

„Arrow Electronics Able Systems has partnered with AMD and Sapphire Technology to accompany the latest Seneca Agenda Signage artefact to market, the XK-QUAD, based on the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 processor and advised for baby video bank displays in retail environments, as able-bodied as agenda displays in quick account restaurants,” said Jami McGraw, all-around artefact manager, Able Systems, Arrow Electronics Able Systems. „We are committed to developing acutely able and environmentally acquainted video players and bank controllers, and the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 provides the performance, adeptness and bulk our barter crave to accomplish success in their ambition markets.”  


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„As one of the top all-around providers of analytic ultrasound systems, it is acute that Esaote ally with technology leaders that abutment the adult arresting and angel processing needs as able-bodied as cartoon affectation capabilities that doctors and technicians await on to accomplish analytical analytic decisions,” said Andrej Dvorak, arch technology officer, Esaote. „Not alone does the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 accredit us to bear world-class achievement and bright analytic images, the bulk of affiliation allows us to advance added bunched ultrasound systems that backpack the achievement bite of abundant above machines, convalescent absolute bulk of buying for our barter and alms a bigger acquaintance for patients, doctors and medical staff.”


„QTechnology is committed to developing apparatus eyes applications that accredit real-time angel processing to abode different challenges in automated markets. In adjustment to bear a multi-camera accessory that can abutment circuitous algorithms and accomplish analytical decisions based on absolute analysis, we charge a technology accomplice that strikes the optimal antithesis amid adeptness burning and processing performance,” said Kristian Glode Madsen, accepted manager, QTechnology. „The new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000, with arch cartoon capabilities and high-performance CPU functionality dent assimilate a distinct APU, provides us with a absolute belvedere for the apparatus eyes applications of today and the future.”


„Quixant is a arch supplier of computer platforms for bank gaming machines and skill-based gaming systems, and we depend on aberrant cartoon achievement accumulated with multi-display configurability to allure and authority the absorption of players in a awful advancing environment,” said Jon Jayal, arch operating officer, Quixant. „The new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 delivers on every front, with arresting levels of CPU and GPU achievement on a distinct allotment of silicon. Thanks to AMD, we can accredit a beauteous beheld acquaintance with four accompanying Ultra HD displays, 3D dispatch and 4K playback, with the aegis appearance to advice accumulate abstracts defended and encrypted, authoritative it a acute hypothesis to drive the latest bearing of gaming machines.”


„Our barter apprehend aberrant longevity, backbone and achievement from our in-vehicle accretion solutions. The new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 will alone added these characteristics with next-generation CPU and GPU performance,” said Kevin Hsu, arch controlling officer, Sintrones. „Benefits such as avant-garde I/O architectonics and extension, high-temperature endurance, and able adeptness burning ensure that we are well-positioned to abutment barter on their busline and automation journeys.”


„The addition of the SMACH Z handheld animate will actualize new opportunities for carriageable gaming devices, enabling users to comedy AAA titles at HD framerates, carrying desktop-quality adeptness and cartoon in the access of players’ hands,” said Daniel Fernandez, arch controlling officer, SMACH. „By leveraging the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 with above cartoon capabilities and mega processing adeptness in our console, we are accessible to accommodate the on-the-go chump gaming experience.”

Advantech Innocore

„Advantech Innocore has a continued history of accord with AMD in developing specialized anchored platforms for the bank and AWP gaming markets that appeal high-performance, industrial-grade accouterments for always-on environments,” said Craig Stapleton, artefact director, Advantech Innocore. „We are admiring to barrage a new all-in-one platform, the DPX-E140, that is based on the advocate AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 and offers an angry aggregate for gaming OEMs with ‚cabinet-ready I/O,’ a arresting cartoon engine, and a above addition in achievement afterwards compromising on power.”

Advantech SOM

„Advantech SOM is focused on carrying platforms that accommodate outstanding cartoon capabilities and high-performance CPU processing adeptness for the medical, automation, apparatus vision, automated ascendancy and agenda signage bazaar segments,” said Rex Lee, SOM director, Advantech Embedded-IoT Group. „With the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000, we accredit our barter to advance articles that not alone abutment a aberrant beheld interface with appearance such as four accompanying 4K displays, but additionally advice to access adeptness and scalability by alms a highly-integrated band-aid with the GPU and CPU accessible on the aforementioned platform.”

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„Our barter crave aberrant cartoon in their alternate aperture machines, and the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 enables us to advance a mini-ITX M/B that delivers the achievement they expect,” said Vincent Lu, artefact manager, AEWIN. „The AMD R-Series ancestors of processors has already apparent accomplished performance, adeptness and multi-display abutment in our AEWIN MB-8395 board, and the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 furthers this acceptability of abidingness and achievement by leveraging a next-generation architecture, so we can abide to enhance the end-user gaming experience.”

 „We are admiring to absorb the AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 into our AEWIN artefact portfolio,” said Charles Lin, arch controlling officer, AEWIN. „With up to 32 high-performance cores and a low adeptness design, the AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 will be an ideal belvedere for arrangement accretion applications, and complements our added solutions based on the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 and AMD EPYC 7000 processors.”


„The new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 is the ideal accompaniment to our AOPEN media players, decidedly with attention to the adeptness to accompanying drive assorted 4K displays for a beauteous beheld experience,” said Stan Tsui, arch of the access and chump division, AOPEN. „The Ryzen Anchored V1000 is the alpha of a new bearing of AMD processors that we can abide to await on for above cartoon achievement and processing capabilities to accredit alike added avant-garde retail applications and bear added bulk for our customers.”


„Players accept several options for ball back it comes to bank gaming, from aperture machines to table top experiences. As a result, our ally and barter crave lath solutions that drag the achievement of their gaming systems to animate participation,” said Gary Tsao, carnality president, Axiomtek Gaming. „The new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 with a ‚Zen’ bulk delivers accomplished bulk and achievement in a cardinal of chump and gaming focused markets, and we are aflame to absorb this new artefact into our Axiomtek GMB140 Mini-ITX board. The AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 enables us to administer the processor’s aberrant compute achievement and avant-garde cartoon to abutment a beauteous gaming experience.”


„As the arch Computer-on-Module bell-ringer in EMEA, congatec provides advanced anchored accretion technology with a aerial addition akin and accomplished achievement to its customers,” said Christian Eder, administrator of marketing, congatec. „Therefore, the new groundbreaking AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 with arresting ‚Vega’ architecture-based cartoon is an ideal best for our all-encompassing portfolio of affiliated Computer-on-Modules.”


„The new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 provides greater adaptability in how we use the DFI Mini-ITX lath to ambition barter in visually accelerated fields such as gaming and agenda signage,” said Clyde Chen, artefact manager, DFI. „With the 14nm architectonics and able AMD Radeon ‚Vega’ cartoon in the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000, we plan to bear above cartoon achievement and CPU processing on a distinct dent that helps to lower the absolute bulk of buying for our end customers. Featuring up to four accompanying native-display outputs, the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 processor offers scalability and adeptness options to accommodated assorted thermal requirements.”


„The next-generation achievement and scalability delivered by the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 and AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 processors translates to real-world adverse and allowances for our barter above networking and agenda media applications.” said Jackson Mao, artefact planning analysis carnality president, IBASE. „We developed the SI-324 Agenda Signage Amateur with the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 to empower businesses with a beauteous new akin of video performance, multi-display abutment and adjustable adeptness burning to abutment affluent multimedia capabilities. Additionally, we are leveraging the AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 to advance active networking solutions that accompany the efficiencies of the datacenter to boilerplate server networking systems.”

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Blackwarden: Inexpensive Miniature Display Solution

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„We apprehend to see abounding new opportunities for our articles with the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 processors in the automated and anchored fields including medical, agenda signage and gaming,” said Peter Mueller, administrator of product, Boards and Modules, Kontron. „These applications crave high-performance accretion in a bulk acute environment, and we are absolute assured that the achievement and bulk of the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 will accredit our COM Express bunched computer modules and mini-ITX anchored motherboard to adeptness a broader abject of customers.”

„We are currently developing a new bend accretion artefact band that – afterwards accomplishing all-encompassing criterion studies – is decidedly advantageous back advised with the AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 processor for a specific use case,” said Benoit Robert, carnality president, Action and Marketing, Communications Business, Kontron. „This is actuality accurate with an assurance with a above chump and we plan to accept balloon berry units accessible by Q2.” 


„Medical imaging has abundantly benefited from contempo advancements in cartoon and displays, accouterment added accuracy and a faster time to diagnosis. The added resolution of the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 helps to added advance the authoritativeness of analysis and access to procedures by alms bright imaging,” said Ping Huang, carnality president, Medwell. „The AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 is additionally accessible in a bunched anatomy agency with a 25W to 35W configurable TDP, authoritative it a acute processor for both our MEDM-B603 lath advised for ultrasounds and our MEDM-B603 lath advised for ultrasounds and surgical aeronautics equipment.”

Mentor Graphics

„Mentor is aflame to abide its accord with AMD to now accommodate Anchored Linux solutions for the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 and AMD EPYC Anchored 3000 processors. The apartment of aegis appearance that AMD enables for these processors is able-bodied accumbent with the all-encompassing set of aegis appearance accessible in Mentor’s Linux products,” said Scot Morrison, ‎general manager, Anchored Belvedere Solutions, Mentor. „With anchored Linux solutions that calibration above the ample ambit of adeptness and achievement enabled by these new AMD processors, this affiliation can abide to accommodate cogent bulk to our customers, and accredit a host of connected, defended accessories utilizing the outstanding computational throughput of the new AMD products.”


„Sapphire Technology is a longstanding AMD accomplice and arch supplier of apparatus and solutions for a ample ambit of chump and anchored products, with adeptness in next-generation motherboards and cartoon add-in boards for display-centric applications,” said Adrian Thompson, carnality admiral of marketing, Sapphire Technology. „By leveraging the new AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 as a key colonnade in our latest Sapphire board, we can access CPU and GPU achievement in an dent 5×5 inch anatomy factor, active amazing cartoon capabilities, abutment for up to four accompanying displays in 4K resolution, and aberrant performance-per-watt for our customers.”


„We are admiring to advertise the SECO COMe-B75-CT6 bore based on the new assertive AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 processors, which represents a cogent anniversary in our aggregation roadmap,” said Gianluca Venere, administrator of all-around sales and arch action officer, SECO. „With an amazing antithesis amid performance, cartoon and adeptness consumption, the AMD Ryzen Anchored V1000 will be the flagship foundation for our COM Express™ band of products, and the aboriginal in a continued alternation of AMD-based SECO solutions.”

For added than 45 years, AMD has apprenticed addition in high-performance computing, cartoon and decision technologies ― the architecture blocks for gaming, immersive platforms, and the datacenter. Hundreds of millions of consumers, arch Fortune 500 businesses and cutting-edge accurate analysis accessories about the apple await on AMD technology circadian to advance how they live, assignment and play. AMD advisers about the apple are focused on architecture abundant articles that advance the boundaries of what is possible. For added advice about how AMD is enabling today and alarming tomorrow, appointment the AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) website, blog, and Facebook and Twitter pages.

This columnist absolution contains advanced statements apropos Avant-garde Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) including the features, functionality, availability, timing, deployment, and accepted allowances of the EPYC™ Anchored 3000 processor and Ryzen™ Anchored V1000 processor and the articles actuality developed by barter based on the EPYC™ Anchored 3000 processor and Ryzen™ Anchored V1000 processor as able-bodied as the accepted abutment from above ecosystem partners, which are fabricated pursuant to the Safe Harbor accoutrement of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Advanced statements are frequently articular by words such as „would,” „intends,” „believes,” „expects,” „may,” „will,” „should,” „seeks,” „intends,” „plans,” „pro forma,” „estimates,” „anticipates,” or the abrogating of these words and phrases, added variations of these words and phrases or commensurable terminology. Investors are cautioned that the advanced statements in this certificate are based on accepted beliefs, assumptions and expectations, allege alone as of the date of this certificate and absorb risks and uncertainties that could account absolute after-effects to alter materially from accepted expectations. Such statements are accountable to assertive accepted and alien risks and uncertainties, abounding of which are difficult to adumbrate and about above AMD’s control, that could account absolute after-effects and added approaching contest to alter materially from those bidding in, or adumbrated or projected by, the advanced advice and statements. Actual factors that could account absolute after-effects to alter materially from accepted expectations include, afterwards limitation, the following: Intel Corporation’s ascendancy of the chip bazaar and its advancing business practices may absolute AMD’s adeptness to attempt effectively; AMD has a dent accumulation acceding with GF with obligations to acquirement all of its chip and APU artefact requirements, and a assertive allocation of its GPU artefact requirements, from GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. (GF) with bound exceptions. If GF is not able to amuse AMD’s accomplishment requirements, its business could be abnormally impacted; AMD relies on third parties to accomplish its products, and if they are clumsy to do so on a appropriate base in acceptable quantities and application advancing technologies, AMD’s business could be materially abnormally affected; abortion to accomplish accepted accomplishment yields for AMD’s articles could abnormally appulse its banking results; the success of AMD’s business is abased aloft its adeptness to acquaint articles on a appropriate base with appearance and achievement levels that accommodate bulk to its barter while acknowledging and ancillary with cogent industry transitions; if AMD cannot accomplish acceptable acquirement and operating banknote breeze or access alien financing, it may face a banknote arrears and be clumsy to accomplish all of its planned investments in analysis and development or added cardinal investments; the accident of a cogent chump may accept a actual adverse aftereffect on AMD; AMD’s cancellation of acquirement from its semi-custom SoC articles is abased aloft its technology actuality advised into third-party articles and the success of those products; all-around bread-and-butter ambiguity may abnormally appulse AMD’s business and operating results; the markets in which AMD’s articles are awash are awful competitive; AMD may not be able to accomplish acceptable banknote to account its debt obligations or accommodated its alive basic requirements; AMD has a ample bulk of acknowledgment which could abnormally affect its banking position and anticipate it from implementing its action or accomplishing its acknowledged obligations; the agreements administering AMD’s addendum and the Secured Revolving Band of Credit appoint restrictions on AMD that may abnormally affect its adeptness to accomplish its business; the articles that AMD sells are circuitous and may be accountable to aegis vulnerabilities that could aftereffect in, amid added things, the loss, bribery or abusage of arcane abstracts by crooked third parties or arrangement achievement issues. AMD’s efforts to anticipate and abode aegis vulnerabilities can be cher and may be partially able or not acknowledged at all; AMD’s arising to West Coast Hitech L.P. (WCH) of warrants to acquirement 75 actor shares of its accepted stock, if and back exercised, will adulterate the buying interests of its absolute stockholders, and the about-face of the 2.125% Convertible Senior Addendum due 2026 may adulterate the buying absorption of its absolute stockholders, or may contrarily abase the amount of its accepted stock; uncertainties involving the acclimation and addition of AMD’s articles could materially abnormally affect it; the appeal for AMD’s articles depends in allotment on the bazaar altitude in the industries into which they are sold. Fluctuations in appeal for AMD’s articles or a bazaar abatement in any of these industries could accept a actual adverse aftereffect on its after-effects of operations; AMD’s adeptness to architectonics and acquaint new articles in a appropriate address is abased aloft third-party bookish property; AMD depends on third-party companies for the design, accomplish and accumulation of motherboards, software and added computer belvedere apparatus to abutment its business; if AMD loses Microsoft Corporation’s abutment for its articles or added software vendors do not architectonics and advance software to run on AMD’s products, its adeptness to advertise its articles could be materially abnormally affected; and AMD’s assurance on third-party distributors and AIB ally capacity it to assertive risks.  Investors are apprenticed to analysis in detail the risks and uncertainties in AMD’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings, including but not bound to AMD’s Quarterly Report on Anatomy 10-Q for the division concluded September 30, 2017.


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AMD, the AMD logo, Radeon, Ryzen, EPYC, and combinations thereof, are trademarks of Avant-garde Micro Devices, Inc. PCie is a registered brand of PCI-SIG Corporation. Added names are for advisory purposes alone and may be trademarks of their corresponding owners.

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