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Pep Guardiola claimed his beginning English apparatus as goals by Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany and David Silva gave his Manchester City ancillary an accessible 3-0 achievement over Arsenal in the League Cup final on Sunday.

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The aboriginal anytime calm final affray amid the abandon was a abundantly black activity at a freezing Wembley Stadium but delinquent Premier League leaders City had far too abundant for an Arsenal ancillary who suffered a forgettable afternoon.

Aguero’s 18th-minute ambition gave City a halftime advance and Arsenal addle afterwards the breach as Kompany prodded in from abutting ambit afterwards 58 account afore Silva finer concluded the claiming seven account afterwards with a left-foot finish.

After a trophy-less aboriginal division in allegation of City, Guardiola’s career bays booty as a administrator now stands at 19, accepting won 11 with Barcelona and seven at Bayern Munich.

Arsenal accept now absent a almanac six League Cup finals while City accept won it three times in bristles years.

90′ 3′ GAME OVER! Arsenal go out with a whimper.

90′ 3′   Danilo is offside.

90′ 2′   Gary Nevilla has desrcibed Arsenal as “spineless and pathetic”. Acquisition it adamantine to disagree with him.

90′ 1′   Wilshere feeds Bellerin on the breach and that is a mile over and wide.

90′   Arsenal aback to block caliginosity as time expires.

88′ Phil Foden replaces Sergio Aguero.

88′   The atmosphere is actual collapsed at Wembley now and this one is over with.

87′   Kolasinac with a cantankerous and Otamendi covers and clears. Bend for Arsenal though.

85′   Jesus stood over the chargeless and Wilshere bang it off him afore blame him. All actual unneccessary.

84′   Wilshere and Jesus accepting into a bit of a scrap. The alone activity Arsenal accept apparent all game.

82′   Poor accouterment from Walker on Xhaka and he actually injures himself in the clash.

81′   Admirable brawl from Auba into Iwobi but Bravo saves with his feet.

81′   De Bruyne and Jesus breach but the Belgian’s canyon into the box is intercepted.

81′ Kompany appointed for a bit of a lunhe on Iwobi.

80′   Wenger on the amusement attractive like he’s about to spontaneously combust.

79′   Arsenal admirers alive out of Wembley to exhausted the traffic…in a Cup final…what has gone amiss at that club!

78′   Aubameyang chases bottomward a continued brawl but afresh it’s too far advanced of him. This is abject from Arsenal.

77′ Jesus replaces Sane.

77′   Gabriel Jesus accepting his final instructions from Pep Guardiola as he is accessible to appear on.

75′   xhaka gets a backyard alfresco the box and shoots. Over the bar.

73′ Iwobi replaces Ramsey.

72′   Aubameyang asked to hunt a canyon in abaft but that’s way too strong. Walker sees it out over the endline.

71′   City sitting back. They ability account a brace on the adverse still. Arsenal aggravating to breach them down.

70′   Sane address bottomward on goal. He gets goalside of Mustafi but Ospina is quick off his band and grabs the ball.

68′   Attendance today is 85,671.

68′   Walker with a canyon out of play. Arsenal with a adventitious to maybe do something.

67′   This has been adequately abject from Arsenal. 

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66′ Welbeck replaces Chambers.

65′   Game, set and match.

65′ David Silva gets in on the act. City sustain the advance and he drives a attempt into the basal corner. Ospina never accepting to that.

64′   Sane leaves Bellerin on his arse with a admirable dummy. Clips it appear ambition and it’s austere away.

64′   City managing the bold able-bodied now. Arsenal still block shadows.

63′   Ozil makes Ramsey assignment actually adamantine with a simple canyon above to him. 

61′   They never showed up for the additional bisected at all! 

60′   Arsenal sleepwalking through this final. 

58′   From the bend and Gundogan strikes but it’s able-bodied advanced afore Kompany directs it aback appear goal.

58′   Kompany with a goal. Look what it agency to the chap! He is actually delighted. 2-0. 

57′   De Bruyne with a chargeless aloof alfresco the box. Hardly to the larboard but nice for a right-footer. Hits the wall.

56′   Arsenal admirers advancement their ancillary on. They charge something.

55′   Claudio Bravo comes out and swings a bang at beginning air. Aubameyang fouls him as he battles to win it advanced of him. Calamity from Bravo.

54′   Arsenal disturbing to actualize annihilation here.

54′   Sane tripped by Bellerin. Quick chargeless and the German wins a corner.

52′ Silva replaces Fernandinho. Not a like for like barter acutely so absorbing to see how City adjust. Guardiola with affluence of instructions for the Portuguese advancing on.

51′   Bernardo Silva is advancing on too. 

51′   Fernandinho can’t abide as he grabs his hamstring – the accepted time that his bold is finished. Guardiola accepting John Stones off the bench.

49′   Arsenal can’t get the brawl out of their half. Brawl goes aback and alternating above the apology breadth and City still in possession.

48′   Acceptable aeon of burden from Man City but that comes to an end with a goalkick as Silva runs the brawl over the line.

48′   Kompany goes so close. Addition corner. Danilo above and Sane headed it bottomward into his aisle afore the captain collection a attempt appear goal. Inches to the amiss ancillary of the post.

47′   Brawl above the box from De Bruyne and it’s out for a corner. Otamendi accomplished for it but Arsenal clutter it behind.

46′   No changes for either side.

46′   Aback underway at Wembley. 

Plenty of agitation about the Aguero ambition too and whether it was a foul. Affluence adage it could accept gone either way but best adage Mustafi at accountability for stopping. Actual aboveboard from the axial apostle and actual cunning from the striker as he leaned into him.

45′ 2′   Arsenal were acceptable until the ambition and afresh they wilted.

45′ 2′   Aboriginal bisected over. Aguero limps off. Looks accept but one to accumulate an eye on.

45′ 2′   Wilshere avalanche afresh and wants a chargeless but he slipped. City on the advance now. 

45′ 1′   Lobbed in by De Bruyne and there’s a few City bodies on the arena and in the area. No apology and it drifts wide.

45′   Abhorrent by Xhaka on De Bruyne. One aftermost adventitious for City.

45′   Into the aftermost minute here. 

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42′   Fernandinho advantageous not to be booked? But Wilshere is beeline aback up. Attractive for a additional chicken for the Brazilian.

42′   Wilshere looks actually hurt. Fernandinho catches him. 

39′   Aguero looks to accept run himself into a bend but he clips it over Ospina and half-cleared into De Bruyne’s path. He drives a attempt into the ancillary netting.

38′   Sloppy few account now. A lot of frees for Arsenal in adequately accommodating positions. This one too far out to shoot but too abutting to actually whip it in. 

37′   Brawl comes in at the aback column but Mustafi was offside.

37′ Aboriginal chicken for City. Fernandinho fouls Wilshere.

36′   Kompany uses his guile to nudge Aubameyang in the aback hardly and win the brawl aback as the striker drives into the box.

35′   Kolasinac watching the Six Nations bygone with that claiming on Walker. He barged beeline into him and took him down. Walker played for it and now De Bruyne will whip it in.

34′   City authoritative this one now. That ambition took the bite out of Arsenal’s challenge. 

32′ Ramsey with a actually aerial bottom appear Silva’s head. Chicken for the Arsenal midfielder and no absolute altercation there.

31′   Aubameyang does a agnate job on Otamendi as Aguero did on Mustafi with a little angular into his back. He plays it to Wilshere and he shoots on the advance but that’s able-bodied over the bar.

31′   Gundogan flicks one appear Kompany and he active it aloof over the bar.

31′   Sane takes on Bellerin bottomward the larboard and he gets a backyard and drives it appear the six-yard box. Blocked and out for a bend by Chambers.

29′   Xhaka fouls Gundogan as he bouncer the anatomy able-bodied with his body. 

27′   Arsenal aback in control now and aggravating to aching City. No luck on that advanced yet.

26′ Monreal’s aback won’t acquiesce him to continue. Kolasinac replaces him.

26′   Gundogan and Wilshere go into battle. Wilshere wins this one as the German fouls him.

24′ Bellerin fouls De Bruyne on the breach as City go continued again. De Bruyne had him angry and was branch for the ball. Correct accommodation and little altercation from Bellerin.

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23′   Attempt does appear in from Ramsey, low and hard, but Bravo bottomward to accumulate it.

23′   Hardly too far out to shoot, perhaps.

23′   Wilshere befuddled by Aguero and that will be a chargeless this time.

22′   such poor arresting from Mustafi. In a Cup final, endlessly and attractive for a chargeless as the aftermost band of defense.

20′   It looked like Aguero was offside to alpha and afresh he pushed Mustafi in the aback as he reversed. Mustafi chock-full attractive for a chargeless but adjudicator didn’t see it.

19′ Aguero! GOAL! Aloof like that, Aguero ancestor a attempt over Ospina, who was hasty off his band and that’s 1-0.

18′   Brawl comes in from the adapted off Ozil’s larboard bottom and it’s too abysmal for Mustafi at the aback post.

18′   City disturbing to get to grips with Arsenal now but the Gunners not actually had any affairs at goal. Monreal took a beating and is currently aggravating to run it off. Looks like his aback that’s aggravation him.

16′   Ramsey befuddled as he played Bellerin through.

15′   Arsenal bossing control now. That’s brought to an end by Mustafi, who tries to set Bellerin chargeless but there’s too abundant clip on the ball.

14′   Arsenal with a chargeless now afterwards acceptable it on the break. Sent in and aback out again. Ospina on the brawl now.

13′   Mistake by City and Monreal gets a blow on a apart ball. He says he was fouled in the box but Kompany almost aching him.

12′ Arsenal with way added control now and while they’re not threatening, they’ve chastened City for now.

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10′   Dreadful bend by Xhaka. All the way out for a throw.

9′   Kompany slides in to accord Arsenal a bend as Ramsey moves appear the endline. Xhaka to take.

8′   How did he miss?!?!?! Aubameyang put through by Ozil. He looked offside but he still missed. Wilshere with the run that bankrupt it all accessible for Arsenal.

7′   De Bruyne with a aerial touch, about-face and cantankerous but it’s too abutting to Ospina.

7′   De Bruyne looks for Walker affective forward. He can’t acquisition him but City accumulate it and Aguero gets it, runs into the box, shoots and it goes wide. Dangerous from the Argentine but he ran himself into trouble.

6′   Kyle Walker taken out of it by Monreal as he drives forward. Obstruction, it will go bottomward as. Looked abscessed for the right-back.

5′   De Bruyne fouls Wilshere afterwards Arsenal win it back. 

4′   Absorbing alpha from City in possession. Arsenal block caliginosity so far.

3′   Aubameyang puts Otamendi below burden and about wins it but the Argentine gets it aback to Claudio Bravo.

3′   Sane attempt and it’s blocked for addition corner.

2′   Silva to take. He lofts it into the box and Fernandinho acreage awkwardly. It comes aback in from the added ancillary and he’s up again.

2′   Up the added end and Sane wins Man City a corner.

2′   Jack Wilshere complex as he looks to prove Roy Keane wrong. The Irishman said Wilshere is the best overrated amateur on the planet recently.

1′   An aboriginal advance be Arsenal snuffed out by City and they win a throw.

1′   We are underway at admirable Wembley.

Very abutting to activity now. All the formalities over now and we accept handshakes in the average for the bread toss.

    And players affair dignitaries now on the red carpt; a lot of them, which is additionally archetypal of Cup finals.

Some absorbing affectation in the average of the field. Not absolutely abiding what they say but they’re colourful and wavy, which is all that affairs really.

Plyers in the tunnels now and accessible to be led out by their managers — archetypal of Cup finals. 

Manchester City’s hopes of a quadruple bargain by Wigan afresh but they could win their aboriginal bays of the year today and can afresh be affirmed of Europa League football at the actual least!!!

Many of the Manchester City supporters will be cutting chicken ribbons. This is partly in abutment of Catalan independence, but mainly in abutment of Pep Guardiola, who has been answerable by the FA for cutting a ribbon, as it allegedly constituted ‘a political message’. 

Keep on scrolling bottomward for the aggregation account from Wembley. The banderole account is that both managers accept best their back goalkeepers, although the abysm amid Cech and Ospina is apparently not as abstruse as that amid Ederson and Bravo. In agreement of tactics, Wenger has autonomous for a three-man defence to annihilate the City attack. 

Hello and acceptable to the final of the Carabao Cup/EFL Cup/League Cup amid Arsenal and Manchester City. It’s demography abode below the accomplished at Wembley. 

Arsene Wenger has never won the League Cup in his 21-year administration over Arsenal. Achievement adjoin Manchester City below the Wembley accomplished would represent the appropriate addition of apparatus to the chiffonier at the Emirates Stadium, as The Gunners languish in sixth abode in the Premier League. 

Will Grigg and Wigan Athletic dumped City out of the FA Cup aftermost week, and Guardiola will be agog to aigrette apology in his aboriginal final as administrator of the club.

Wenger will absorb acceptance in his cup-‘keeper David Ospina. Henrikh Mkhitaryan is cup-tied afterwards featuring in the antagonism for Manchester United, while Alexandre Lacazette is accustomed a knee injury. 

The absence of Mohamed Elneny is a surprise, with Arsenal defective a accurate arresting midfielder. That may explain why Wenger has autonomous for a three-man defence with Bellerin and Monreal operating as wing-backs.

Arsenal XI: Ospina; Mustafi, Koscielny, Chambers; Bellerin, Xhaka, Wilshere, Monreal; Ramsey, Özil; Aubameyang.

Danilo slots in at left-back in the absence of the afflicted Benjamin Mendy and the abeyant Fabian Delph. 

Like Wenger, Guardiola will additionally comedy his appointed cup-‘keeper – the more ambiguous Claudio Bravo.  

Manchester City XI: Bravo; Walker, Kompany, Otamendi, Danilo; Fernandinho, Silva, Gundögan, De Bruyne, Sane, Agüero.

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Do you adorned the bout to go above 90 minutes? Arsenal are priced at 26/1 to win afterwards added time.

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