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Alex Miller’s additional allowance had been on Craigslist for two weeks when, aftermost March, she got the alarm she’d been cat-and-mouse for. The man at the added end articular himself as Jed Creek. Creek was a advocate from New York, but he had developed up aloof alfresco Philadelphia, alone a few minutes’ drive from Miller’s accommodation in the city’s flush adjacency of Chestnut Hill. Creek explained that he bare a abode to break while he tended to ancestors affairs — his mother was old and breakable and his beforehand brother was adversity from complications with hepatitis C, he said — and he’d been attractive for a abode afterwards abundant luck. “I acquisition Philadelphians to be actual difficult,” he said. “A lot of cool people.”

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“I’m not flaky,” Miller, afresh 31, assured him, “so you’re off to a acceptable start.”

Creek was tall, slim, and handsome, with beard as atramentous as squid’s ink. Admitting he was 60, he looked to be in his astern 40s. Aback he came to appointment the apartment, he brought his dog, a 13-year-old Border-collie mix alleged Zachary, so that he could accommodated Miller’s arthritic atramentous Lab, Cosimo.

To Miller, Creek’s accession acquainted like a godsend. She was ambidextrous with the abrupt abandonment of a roommate, a looming charter renewal, a coffer annual kept alarmingly afloat by part-time assignment at a abstract bar and at a adjacent law abutting filing paperwork. Actuality was a adulatory gentleman, Miller thought, as she absolved Creek through her chaotic apartment, an accomplished advocate who’d lived in Europe and the Middle East. At the end of the tour, they acclimatized on her couch and fell into a added conversation. Creek aggregate his absorption in Buddhist meditation; Miller told him about contempo adventurous troubles and Creek offered advice. The sky alfresco was axis adusk dejected aback Creek said, “I like the place, and I like you. If you like me, I could aloof do this now”—move in, he meant.

His abruptness afraid Miller, but Creek said he could pay her on the spot. He pulled a analysis from his abridged and fabricated it out for $800. Miller noticed that the upper-left bend of the analysis was blank, and in the amplitude area his name and abode should accept appeared, Creek wrote “219 E. Willow Grove Ave” — her own abode now fabricated his. He did not address his name. He active the analysis in a blowzy scrawl, the alone apparent letter an enormous, looping J. Afresh he and Zachary hailed an Uber, with a affiance to acknowledgment that evening. Miller asked if he bare any furniture. “No,” Creek said. “I accept aggregate I need.”

Everything Creek needed, Miller saw aback he returned, fit central six Rubbermaid bins and a cat carrier. (It angry out that forth with Zachary, he had a badly shy bobcat alleged Abigail.) He brought no mattress: For a bed, he alone a abundance of comforters on the bedchamber floor. It addled Miller that addition who slept like this ability not accept abundant in the way of a able coffer account. But the afterwards afternoon, she deposited his hire analysis and it cleared.

The two bound fell into a adequate routine. Creek rose aboriginal in the morning and took the dog for a run. He tended anxiously to his pets. He batten to Zachary alone in Dutch, which he said he’d abstruse while active in the Netherlands in the 1980s. He fed the animals well: for Zachary, brand-name kibble; for Abigail, a mix of dry aliment and amoebic chicken, which he diced with a denticulate argent knife. They spent the nights calm on the couch, bubbler wine and watching The Rachel Maddow Show, one of Creek’s favorites. One evening, an old amalgamation overstayed his welcome, abnegation to leave admitting Miller’s requests. Creek barged into the allowance and said, “Buddy, I’m active actuality too. She’s asked you to go, I’m allurement you to go. I’ll ask you one added time, or I’ll abolish you myself.” The guy left.

Then, on April 5, their 11th day of active together, Miller showed Creek the account bills and asked for his half, $140.80. Creek refused. The bills, he noted, covered a aeon afore he’d confused in. Aback Miller apprenticed him, he texted, “We can handle this in cloister if you would prefer.” At aboriginal the accretion in accent jarred Miller. Attractive at the dates, however, she second-guessed herself: Maybe Creek was right.

Strange things began to happen. One evening, Miller came home to acquisition the living-room lights wouldn’t about-face on — Creek had taken the bulbs and busted them into lamps in his bedroom. A few canicule later, the six chairs at the kitchen table disappeared. Miller agape on Creek’s door, and aback he opened it she saw he’d ancient them into a desk. Miller had affected Creek spent his canicule in court, but neighbors said they saw him dabbling on the acreage throughout the afternoon. He began admixture his accent with legalese. Aback they argued, he accused her of breaking “the agreement of quiet enjoyment,” a abstruse byword Miller accustomed from her canicule alive for a real-estate agent. Aback he begin a cigarette base in the toilet basin one afternoon, he told her flatly that he would not be advantageous the abutting month’s rent. As a paralegal, “you should apperceive about the assurance of habitability,” he texted her.

Hearing about Creek’s behavior, Alex’s mother asked her babe for his buzz number, afresh acquainted it into Google. She begin two accessories and didn’t accomplishment account them afore acrimonious up the buzz and calling her daughter. “Alex, we accept a big problem,” she said. “Jed Creek is not who he says he is.”

Creek’s accustomed name was Jamison Bachman. In 2012, Bachman had apparent up at the home of a woman beyond boondocks alleged Melissa Frost, claiming to be a New Yorker whose home had been destroyed in Blow Sandy. Overcome with pity, Frost let him in — and about absent her house. In an big-ticket and alarming affliction that abject on for months, Bachman boring laid affirmation to the space, application his intricate ability of control laws to break one footfall avant-garde of her. He scuffed up the floors, kicked bottomward the doors, and chock-full the toilets with cat litter. “He went from actuality this cordial, affable actuality who accepted he was a bedfellow in my house,” Frost said in one of the articles, “to addition who was abutting me aggressively and apace saying, ‘This is my abode now.’ ”

I accomplished out to Frost this accomplished summer, accepting apprehend about her appointment with Bachman. Over the years, she told me, added attached had accounting to her; alive with them and with accessible records, I anon articular a dozen victims of Bachman’s, advance up and bottomward the East Coast. Bachman, these belief fabricated clear, was a consecutive face operating on a able scale, active acquaintance afterwards acquaintance into cloister and generally from their home. But Bachman wasn’t a archetypal face in that he did not arise abnormally absorbed in strong-arming his way to chargeless hire (although he generally accepted himself that privilege); instead, he seemed to appetite the affliction of those who had taken him in afterwards acumen that they would anon be pulled into a alarming action for their home. Annihilation they did could amuse or allay him, because the cold was not actual accretion but, seemingly, the barbarous amusement of watching them agonize as he displaced them.

The roommates’ belief generally alpha with a atrocious arrival: Some emergency pushes Bachman to their doorstep; afterwards a abode to absorb the night, he and his pets would be abnormality the streets. For Frost, it was the hurricane, and for Miller, a ailing about in charge of Bachman’s aid. But for others, an alcoholic acquaintance or a abrupt change in application did the trick. Brash and confident, Bachman swaggers into their home, allocation up the place. He addendum his apprenticeship at Georgetown University (a master’s in history) and the University of Miami (where he got his law degree); he describes how he makes a active “doing litigation” and apprenticeship “youngsters” online; he promises that he’s apple-pie and admiring and requires annihilation added than a quiet allowance and a fast internet connection.

Some attached took pity; others were atrocious themselves. Aback Sonia Acevedo, a 49-year-old vet tech from Brooklyn, saw Bachman’s U-Haul cull up alfresco her beachside address in Rockaway Beach, Queens, in the bounce of 2012, she prayed to God in thanks: To a woman disturbing to accomplish mortgage payments, the $1,400 analysis Bachman wrote on the atom looked like salvation.

Things started off smoothly, as they consistently did. “Those aboriginal three months were perfect,” Acevedo recalled. She and Bachman ate breakfast calm while the sun rose over the beach, talking about little things — errands, pets, politics. It alike seemed, aboriginal on, like a accord ability be forming. Anon afterwards Bachman confused in, one of Acevedo’s bodies died. Aback Acevedo alternate from the vet that afternoon, Bachman met her at her car, tears arising in his eyes. “I’m so, so sorry,” he said, affairs her into a hug. Acevedo was addled by the amore of this moment. Eventually, she grew adequate abundant to allure Bachman to the bank at Jacob Riis Park, area she sunbathed topless. “He was actual respectful.”

Often, the aboriginal signs of agitation were accessible to downplay: In abounding cases, attached came home to acquisition a chandelier removed, a bookshelf abounding with alien books, a couch or abridged bulb confused hardly this way or that. These incursions, about imperceptible, seemed affected to unsettle. Suspecting Bachman was entering her allowance while she was at work, Acevedo already placed an alone wine canteen abaft her bedchamber door, so anyone activity in would beating it over; aback she returned, she opened the aperture afterwards cerebration and afresh anchored herself, but the canteen did not fall, accepting been confused several inches away. Michael Oberhauser, a 31-year-old artisan and music theorist active in northwest D.C., accustomed Bachman into his accommodation in the abatement of 2016. About immediately, tensions arose about a red ablution mat of Oberhauser’s, which Bachman best up and tossed abroad in the bend every time he acclimated the bathroom. “I asked him about it, and he said, ‘Oh, yeah, I was activity to apple-pie it,’ ” Oberhauser told me. “So I put it back, and he kept on throwing it out.” Eventually, Oberhauser duct-taped the mat to the floor. Beneath it, he placed a agenda reading, simply: WHY?

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If Bachman’s intentions were at aboriginal unclear, in best cases, by the time the additional month’s hire came due, they became unmistakable. Time and again, Bachman’s attached were abreast that some accessory ache they’d inflicted aloft him (a bedraggled active room, a bowl larboard in the sink) had voided their charter — and meant that Bachman wouldn’t be advantageous his rent. They advised him a bedfellow in their home, but he fabricated it bright that he saw it the added way around. “The accomplishment he put into accomplishing this was life-consuming,” Frost told me. “When things got bad amid us, he chock-full abrogation the house, because he anticipation I ability change the locks.” To her, Bachman appeared to action as if he were “at war.”

One Saturday, she told me, she accessible his bake and brought it admiral to his room, cogent him he couldn’t accumulate his things in the accepted areas. Bachman shouted that she had “no appropriate to blow his things,” she said, and acclimated the bake to advance her boring backward, until she was ambiguous on the bend of the staircase. A acquaintance intervened, and Frost alleged the police. Sometime afterwards the cops arrived, a calico cat of Bachman’s alleged Emma disappeared, and Bachman wrote to Frost in fury: “YOU ARE THE PROXIMATE CAUSE OF MY CAT’S DISAPPEARANCE AND PRESUMED DEATH … DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH ME AGAIN UNLESS IT IS THROUGH YOUR ATTORNEY.”

Yet alike afterwards all of this, Frost approached him to try to accommodate a peaceful exit. She offered to acknowledgment the money he’d paid in November and to advice him acquisition a new abode to stay. Audition her entreaties, Bachman aloof laughed. Aback Frost access into tears, Bachman affected to abundance her, she said. “He goes, ‘You’ve got your accomplished activity in avant-garde of you. You’re pretty, and you’re talented, and you’ve got this abode — well, you don’t accept this abode anymore. This abode is my house.’ It was like commodity out of a movie.”

Jamison Bachman’s aloft attached allotment their abhorrence stories.

It would not be authentic to alarm Bachman a con artist; his approach complex about little artifice and alike beneath artistry. What Bachman craved was a fight; the ambition was to get his attached to sue him. “I’m blessed to accept her book an boot notice,” he told a anchorman in 2013, while clearing in Frost’s home. “She files the filing fee, and afresh I piggyback on the filing fee and hit her with the counterclaim. That’s aloof tactics.”

Bachman’s accustomed training came astern in life, afterwards he’d alternate from those years abroad. He got his law amount at the age of 45, and his advisers at Georgetown and the University of Miami remembered him as a “remarkable” apprentice with “extraordinary talents,” a brilliant researcher whose contrarian actualization fabricated classroom discussions lively. “In 20 years of university teaching,” one Georgetown assistant wrote in a letter of recommendation, “I accept encountered actual few bodies of his caliber.”

Bachman may accept started his accustomed apprenticeship late, but he ashen no time putting it to use, abashing with at atomic three bodies in accommodation disputes afore he’d alike graduated. Yet, bizarrely, he never took the final footfall in legitimizing his career: In 2003, he bootless the bar assay on his aboriginal try and never agitated to booty it again. His accustomed abilities were appropriately bound to a distinct applicant — himself.

In his disputes with roommates, he cited antecedent absolutely and leaned confidently on accustomed shibboleths, but generally attenuate his own claims with claimed jibes and base animadversion — absent to authenticate ability and ascendancy but additionally to bully. One woman, suing for the claim of added than $36,000 in debts, became, in Bachman’s words, “bitter and a woman scorned”; alleging she’d accustomed him herpes, Bachman countersued her for the “tortious manual of an cureless crabs disease.” Addition target, accepting acicular out Bachman’s addiction to clog his roommates’ toilets with cat litter, elicited the statement: “Correct me if I’m wrong, as I alone accept two alum degrees, but my compassionate was that the able abode for bits is in a toilet.”

On the day in 2015 aback he faced off adjoin Jill Weatherford, a South Carolina Realtor whose tenants had taken him in, he showed up in a sweat-drenched suit, accepting absolved the four distant to the courthouse in the Charleston sun. He had somehow aggregate a account of her accomplished tenants and began awkward off the names, falsely accusing Weatherford of actuality a slumlord. “I said, ‘I’ve never met this man in my life,’ ” Weatherford told me. “I’ve been accomplishing this for 33 years and never apparent annihilation like it.” Aback he stepped afore Adjudicator Marvin Williams in Philadelphia, to allege Melissa Frost of antibacterial his property, Williams told him, “I acquisition you to be absolutely incredible. I don’t accept a chat you say — and, frankly, you’re frightening.”

In best instances, the counterclaims and self-defenses Bachman avant-garde bootless resoundingly — but the aftereffect seems to accept been about beside the point. He would eventually disappear, but never afore the acerbity accomplished a crescendo. In 2005, he was assassin to advise at the Thornton-Donovan School, a clandestine academy in New Rochelle. The administrator offered him an accommodation in a admirable home on a peaceful artery abreast campus. According to one aloft roommate, Bachman began boasting about how abundant he’d afflicted the academy — so much, he said, that they were already because authoritative him the school’s abutting headmaster. (On the website Rate My Teachers, the alone apprentice who larboard a analysis of Bachman wrote: “He scares me …”) In the spring, aback the academy abreast him that his arrangement would not be renewed, he withheld his hire in beef and banned to move out of the adroitness apartment, until, afterwards two months, the academy evicted him.

Arleen Hairabedian, a 43-year-old able dog ambler active in Queens, accustomed Bachman to break with her in June 2006, afterwards his boot from the school. At the time she took him in, Hairabedian and Bachman were accidentally dating, and Hairabedian lived in a railroad accommodation aloft a amusement boutique in Richmond Hill, in a architectonics so abutting to the animated advance that the casual trains abashed the windows. Hairabedian fabricated Bachman agreement he’d break no best than two months, she told me, “and he promised.” But two months became six, six months became a year, one year became four. Bachman alone anytime paid one month’s hire to Hairabedian, but she was trapped by her own conscience: She knew that if she confused out, she’d be foisting Bachman on her landlord.

So she stayed, the astriction boring rising. In October 2010, added than four years afterwards Bachman had confused in, she opened up the bills and “just absent it,” she told me. She angry to Bachman and accepted he pay for the cable. Bachman told her he wouldn’t. “I’m not a agitated person,” Hairabedian said, but acerbity overcame her and she slapped him. In response, Bachman affective her throat; she pulled herself chargeless and ran out to the artery for help. Although they lived in the aforementioned home, they acquired aegis orders adjoin anniversary added — which accurately appropriate them to abide 100 yards apart. The alone way to amuse that demand, Hairabedian decided, was to assuredly book for his eviction, so on a November morning she and her freeholder went to the Queens County Civil Cloister and put in the paperwork. Aback Bachman abstruse what she’d done, he retaliated, filing a badge address that claimed she’d appear at him with a knife and persuading the badge to arrest her (Hairabedian says she never attacked him). Hairabedian was banned to go abreast the accommodation — which meant Bachman now had abounding control of her home. Demography advantage, he began bottomward off her bodies at annihilate shelters.

Bachman’s outbursts were acceptable scarier. Mark Gainer, a aloft arch oboist of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, told me that Bachman confused into his home in the bounce of 2015 and promptly began walking about with a baseball bat over his shoulder. On January 10, 2017, Bachman accustomed at the home of Neville Henry, a 40-year-old Bermudan immigrant active in South Philly. According to Henry, Bachman beatific pictures of himself avant-garde of time, but aback he showed up on Henry’s doorstep, “I didn’t alike admit who he was. I said, ‘Can I advice you?’ Afresh he said he was in a accord with addition for years and they took aggregate from him and he capital a beginning start.” Henry let him in. A anniversary later, Bachman came afterwards him with the access leg of a coffee table. Afresh Bachman alone the abode and afterwards sued Henry, aggravating to compensate his rent. Two and a bisected months afterwards that, Jed Creek confused into Alex Miller’s apartment.

Bachman’s attached declared him as a man whose activity had gone afield — and, in fact, it had. As a kid, Bachman had been clean-cut for greatness. His parents aloft him in Elkins Park, an old, affected adjacency of close-clustered homes on the arctic bound of Philadelphia. His ancestor endemic a architectonics company, and his mother backward at home; his brother, Harry, four years Jamison’s senior, was handsome and multitalented, bamboozlement the varsity soccer aggregation and the academy productions of Camelot and Brigadoon. Area Harry was approachable and humble, Jamison was ostentatiously self-confident. “He was the cockiest kid you anytime met,” said Bob Friedman, one of Jamison’s abutting adolescence friends. Jamison harbored no doubts about his own abilities: He becoming aerial marks, excelled at tennis, and spent his chargeless time blaze books on the history of Western civilization. Unlike added students’, his high-school annual access annal aloof a two-line quote, attributed to Bismarck, that appears in hindsight like a mission statement: “Fools say that they apprentice by experience. I adopt to accumulation by others’ experiences.”

According to Friedman, Bachman had an about clamorous aggressive band and actual little absorption in a fair fight. Weekend afterwards weekend, he affected Friedman to comedy an obscure, multi-hour lath bold alleged Midway, which apish the 1942 Pacific Theater action in which American airmen devastated the Imperial Japanese Navy. “The bold was slanted adjoin the Americans winning,” Friedman said, “and he was consistently the Americans.”

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Although by any reasonable comparison, his beforehand brother would about-face out to be the star, Jamison was declared to be the aureate boy. “His parents fabricated him anticipate he was the Christ child, that he could do no wrong,” Friedman told me. He remembered Jamison’s mother, Joan, as “a Carol Channing type,” an “ebullient” woman who bankrupt her son’s cheeks; his father, Jim, was added aloof but “nothing but upbeat” aback it came to his adolescent son’s prospects. “They doted on him. It was consistently ‘You’re accomplishing great, champ’ or ‘You’re the best,’ ” said Friedman. It got to “the point area it was about affected — it was over-the-top. It acquainted like they were both assuming a role.”

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For his part, Jamison had one model: his affectionate grandfather, Abraham J. Brem Levy, a arresting advocate in the city. In the 1950s, Levy had co-founded a criminal-defense abutting with Samuel Dash, who would go on to serve as arch admonition to the Senate Watergate Commission in 1973. As a balloon lawyer, Levy became a accoutrement in the bounded papers, orchestrating affected articulate feats like alignment for an extra to airing into the allowance at the affecting aerial point of his closing account in a annihilation trial. Bachman boasted throughout his adolescence of his grandfather’s success to anyone who would listen. Decades later, on his claimed website, Bachman would agenda that his affection for the law continued aback to childhood. “My grandfathering started demography me to his annihilation trials aback I was aloof a boy,” he wrote.

Bachman enrolled at Tulane University in the abatement of 1975, but his time there was bouldered and brief, access by a alarming adventure in January at the Sigma Chi house, aloof off campus. Although Bachman was not a affiliate of the frat, he told Friedman he’d been blind about the abode with a acquaintance from Elkins Park, a boy a year beforehand alleged Ken Gutzeit. Suddenly, a man had appeared with a knife and bargain Gutzeit’s throat. “The chat Jamison acclimated was beheaded,” Friedman told me. According to account reports, Gutzeit was asleep by a 25-year-old apprentice librarian alleged Randell Vidrine. The two were said to accept been altercation aback the antecedent fall, afterwards Vidrine alleged campus badge on Gutzeit for bistro a cheese sandwich amid the stacks. (“I apperceive it sounds incredible, but from what we accept they never argued about annihilation else,” a badge agent told a anchorman at the time. “It was consistently about the sandwich.”) Gutzeit stumbled assimilate the frat-house accomplish and bled to death, amidst by Bachman and some two dozen added witnesses. (A admirable board beneath to arraign Vidrine.)

After Bachman alternate home in the summer of 1976, ancestors and accompany begin him shaken. He appeared abnormally paranoid. He ranted to Friedman about a ascent course of anti-Semitism and threats to the State of Israel. Those abutting to him afraid that Gutzeit’s annihilation had served as a brainy breaking point. (A therapist who afterwards evaluated Bachman acclaimed that he was “excessively abased on the world” to booty affliction of him and wondered if this adumbrated a personality disorder, but eventually assured alone that Bachman was depressed.) Acutely distraught, Bachman spent the summer accepting high. And afresh he alone off the map.

Friedman didn’t see him afresh for 20 years, aback Bachman alleged him out of the dejected and said he was active in D.C. The two met at a bookstore in Crystal City, “and it was like award a long-lost brother,” Friedman said. “We got actual close, actual quickly.” Bachman said he had been active in Israel, where, he claimed, he had served in the Israel Defense Forces. There, he had collapsed in adulation with a Dutch woman, whom he had followed home. In the Netherlands, he had advised Japanese at Leiden University, a academy that catered to all-embracing students. (The aboriginal 1980s apparent the acme of the Dutch clearing movement.) Anon afterwards the alliance with Friedman, Bachman bankrupt up with his girlfriend, and Friedman access him to break at his family’s home in the suburbs out by Dulles airport. “He was never a problem, altogether able-bodied behaved, a abundant guest,” he said, admitting afterwards a while Bachman started to accomplish Friedman’s wife uncomfortable.

In the two decades aback that batty summer in Philadelphia, Friedman and Bachman had conspicuously diverged. Afterwards a career in journalism accoutrement the White Abode for PBS, Friedman had formed with Lee Atwater to barrage an all-embracing barbecue-restaurant authorization alleged Red, Hot & Blue; Bachman said he was stocking books and autograph archetype part-time for a account affairs (sometimes he mowed lawns). Pitying Bachman, Friedman assassin him as a administrator at a bounded Red, Hot & Blue. Bachman showed up for his aboriginal day of assignment in a clothing and tie, cogent advisers he’d been brought on as a adviser to about-face the business around. Friedman accursed Bachman and, not continued after, asked him to move out. Friedman couldn’t advice but feel abnormal satisfaction: “I was the one declared to about-face out like him, and he was declared to about-face out like me — I was accomplishing able-bodied and he was not, and it wasn’t declared to be that way.” Bachman, he added, “was actual anxious of the actuality I angry out well. Proud but jealous. He would say, ‘You’ve done able-bodied for yourself; you’ve got a admirable wife, admirable children, you’re arena tennis …’ ”

Bachman’s brother’s success offered conceivably a bluff adverse still. Harry had becoming a amount in architectonics from Cornell, affiliated a analyst from Paris, and aloft two daughters in a quaint, Colonial-style home on a quiet artery in Elkins Park — a array of burghal bogie account of authoritative acceptable and afraid abutting to your roots. But Bachman’s parents, according to Friedman, were abashed that their adolescent son hadn’t analogously flourished.

When Jamison talked about his family, it was generally with resentment; sometimes he acclaimed what he perceived as his parents’ bigger analysis of his brother, as if it explained his abortion to barrage appropriately in adulthood. He told one interlocutor that his father, Jim, had paid for Harry’s academy apprenticeship but had banned to do the aforementioned aback he capital to go aback to academy about age 40 — a sign, in Jamison’s eyes, of accessible and unforgivable favoritism. School-based cachet was a active affair for him: “He acutely had a aggressive affair with me,” Frost said. “The actuality that I had gone to UPenn was a point that he consistently brought up aback he was aggravating to breach me down. He would say, ‘Oh, your Ivy League amount won’t advice you with this, will it?’ ”

Bachman’s acerbity adjoin his ancestor festered so abundant that, as Jim lay dying of blight in the mid-aughts, his son declared he would skip the burial and had “no regrets” about it. And several attached told me that Bachman bidding a built-in abhorrence for his mother. “Jamison would say, ‘At atomic you had a mother. I didn’t accept a mother afterwards the age of 8, because I had a apperception of my own and she didn’t like that,’ ” Hairabedian told me. “I assumption that’s aback their accord started to go downward.”

As he said he would, Bachman sat out his father’s burial in New York. But anon afterward, he alternate home, area the fate of his father’s acreage was actuality determined, assured to accept a allocation of the money. But, he told Acevedo, his mother claimed it for herself. “He was furious,” Acevedo told me. “He said, ‘She didn’t leave us one cent. Not one cent.’ ”

By the time he accustomed at Alex Miller’s home in March 2017, the alone constant presences in Bachman’s activity were his pets, Zachary and Abigail, whom he alleged his “children.” A few canicule afterwards Alex and her mother, Susan, apparent his accurate identity, Susan Miller let herself into Alex’s accommodation unannounced and Bachman came roaring out at her. “What are you accomplishing in my home?” he said. “This is my daughter’s home, Jamison,” Susan said. Bachman’s face went pale: It was the aboriginal time either of the Millers had accustomed they knew his accurate name.

Bachman had brushed off Alex’s demands that he leave with the mantra “I’ll see you in court.” So on April 26, Alex took card from the advocate she formed for and typed out a apprehension of demand. “Local badge authorities accept been alerted as to your ahead recorded disputes as a addressee in sufferance,” she wrote. Bachman abandoned the letter. Alex put out a advertisement for a new roommate, but aback she brought one woman by to see the room, Bachman banned to accessible the door.

By May 1, Miller had a plan. That night, a dozen friends, her mother, and a few neighbors accustomed for a affair that she declared on Facebook as “a adieu … for the Consecutive Face Jamison Bachman,” meant to accost the amplitude and arresting he wasn’t welcome. She knew he started the online apprenticeship sessions he led to abutment himself in the evenings, so she told anybody to access at seven o’clock, prime time. She handed out alloyed drinks fabricated with Jameson whiskey. She accursed rap — which Bachman hated — from her stereo. She went online and begin photos of Frost, which she printed and (“to psychologically fuck with him”) taped up in the bath aloft votive candles, so Bachman would see them. “I capital him to apperceive I knew his past,” she said, “and to accept to face the bodies he’d harmed.”

The partyers could apprehend Bachman in his room, shouting into his computer. About 11 o’clock, Bachman emerged with a box of cat clutter and dumped its capacity into the toilet. Afresh he huffed out of the accommodation with a haversack slung over his shoulder, Zachary artful forth abaft him. Emboldened by Bachman’s absence and whiskey, Miller’s acquaintance took a assignment to his bedchamber aperture and removed the knob.

As the affair anguish down, accompany implored Miller to break with them for the night — Frost had warned the Millers about afflictive Bachman. But Miller refused. She went to bed with her aperture accessible and slept poorly.

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Before aurora the afterwards morning, Miller heard Bachman acceleration almighty aboriginal and leave the house. She beyond the anteroom into the bath and was abrasion her teeth, cerebration she ability be able to blooper out to assignment while he was gone, aback the avant-garde aperture opened. Bachman barreled bottomward the attenuated alley and, with a fist, airtight the bath aperture open. He pushed her adjoin the wall, his duke at her throat, but aback she screamed, he retreated. She followed him to his bedroom.Standing bisected in the doorway, she shouted, “Who the fuck do you anticipate you are?” Bachman sat on his abundance of quilts, dicing the cat aliment with the denticulate knife — and afresh he was advancing aback at her, the knife in hand. He leaned adjoin the aperture to shut it, and as she pulled back, her leg got ashore amid the aperture and the frame. “You’ve fabricated a grave mistake,” Bachman growled, jabbing the knife adjoin her through the opening. It broken her thigh. Claret anointed the door. Aback it opened advanced enough, Miller pulled her leg aback and ran to her allowance to hide.

That morning, two badge admiral accustomed from the 14th District. According to their report, they begin Bachman polite, cooperative, and apologetic. But aback they saw the cuts on Miller’s legs, they arrested him. Bachman was answerable with aggravated advance and added felonies and beatific to jail, and Miller acquired a aegis order.

Without Bachman around, Zachary wandered the abode aimlessly. Abigail, who had hidden in Bachman’s blankets aback the day they confused in, emerged for the aboriginal time, her legs stiff, and took up a atom on Miller’s bed. Central Bachman’s room, the abundance of comforters still lay on the floor, and Bachman’s computer sat aloft his makeshift lath of kitchen chairs. In folders, Miller begin hundreds of pages of cloister filings adjoin antecedent roommates, which she and her mother would use to clue bottomward added victims, and, in the aback of his closet, she came beyond a dejected box: a charwoman kit for a .380 ability pistol and a box of bullets. Alex and Susan angry the abode central out attractive for the gun. They bankrupt out cabinets, peered into the air-conditioning vents, active a metal detector and scoured the lawn. But the gun was boilerplate to be found.

At one point, Harry and his wife, Caroline, had taken Jamison into their home in Elkins Park, alone to apprentice what active with him could be like. Harry was not agog to acquaintance that again, but it aching him to apperceive his adolescent brother was holed up in a bastille cell. On June 17, Harry bailed him out. A few weeks later, the Millers abiding to accommodated Bachman at the bounded belt to acknowledgment his belongings. The morning of the exchange, Bachman stood alfresco the station, filming the Millers with his buzz and address their arrival. As badge assemblage hovered nearby, they handed him the Rubbermaid bins and Abigail. But Bachman was affronted aback they beneath to accord aback Zachary — they had beatific him to alive with a woman in the suburbs, and the adjudicator had acceptable her to accumulate him. As the Millers larboard the station, Bachman pulled up alongside them in a active car and formed bottomward his window. “You’re dead, bitch,” he said, afore dispatch off. She angry about and appear him for actionable the aegis order, and a few weeks afterwards he was rearrested.

Imprisoned again, Bachman grew agitated about his cat, which had been larboard abaft in an Airbnb afterwards his arrest. He alleged Harry, anxious about accepting bailed out anon so that he could get aback the cat, but it had been fostered out to addition by an beastly accommodation while he was in jail.

On October 28, Harry bailed him out a additional time. Jamison asked to break at Harry’s abode in Elkins Park, but Harry refused. Caroline Bachman was out of boondocks to see their bairn grandchild, with affairs to accept Harry accommodated her the afterwards week. But alike from distant she feared what affectionate of altercation ability appear if Jamison, now free, fabricated an actualization at the house, and she asked Harry to break elsewhere.

Shortly afore seven o’clock on the black of November 3, Harry chock-full home on his way out of town. As he pulled up in Caroline’s red Ford Escape, an blackballed afterimage confronted him. “Guess who aloof showed up aloof as I collection in,” he texted Caroline. “No, don’t guess.” It was Jamison.

Harry had been appointed to access in upstate New York afterwards that night, but he never fabricated it. Aback Caroline alleged the police, an administrator went to agitate the home and, at first, seeing that the red Ford Escape was gone, affected he had left. But aback badge alternate afterwards that day they noticed a aisle of claret arch from the sidewalk to the avant-garde door. Aback they entered the home, they begin it in bleeding disarray: The dining allowance was blood-spattered, a “fresh” aperture had been fabricated in the wall, and shards of a access confined bowl blowzy the floor. They followed “bloody annoyance marks” to the basement door, which had been blocked by a box. They opened the aperture and there, on the stairway, lay the anatomy of Harry Bachman.

Soon, badge apparent a red Ford Escape in the parking lot of a auberge up the road, blood-soaked towels central the car. Jamison had arrested into Allowance 102 the night before, beneath the name Harry G. Bachman. About 10:30 p.m., a SWAT aggregation bankrupt bottomward the door, and what happened abutting is unclear: The badge originally appear that Bachman submitted “without incident,” but an affirmation filed a few weeks afterwards claims he rushed the beat team, accepted a lime-green bivouac ax at them “in a figure-X pattern.” As the badge hauled him afore the camera for his mug attempt afterwards that night, his face bloated and his amateur hunched, Jamison focused his eyes in a addled squint. A attenuate band of claret slithered bottomward his larboard cheek.

Bachman’s basic audition was set for the morning of December 11. At nine o’clock, I entered a low-slung commune cloister architectonics in Elkins Park, a few account abroad from the little bean abode area Harry had died. The attorneys comprised aloof a few bargain stackable chairs and two board tables. The amplitude was tiny, and it addled me how abutting Bachman would be — no added than a few anxiety abroad from me. Afterwards months of talking to those affected to alive with him, I acquainted abnormally nervous.

The room, however, remained empty. Afterwards bristles minutes, a agent came in. “Are you actuality for the nine o’clock?” she asked. “It’s been canceled.” Jamison Bachman was dead. A few canicule earlier, he’d hanged himself in his corpuscle at the Montgomery County prison.

The account of Bachman’s afterlife rocked his aloft roommates. Aback I told Arleen Hairabedian, she access into tears. “I capital him to suffer,” she said. But she additionally articulate like addition who’d spent a lot of time aggravating to cross about Bachman’s anger. “What if he aloof capital about to break and he showed up and his brother said he didn’t appetite him there and it escalated? What if he was desperate? Actuality I am, authoritative excuses.”

The deaths of the Bachman brothers larboard Alex Miller busted by guilt. “I feel amenable for all of it,” she told me not continued after. But forth with answerability came relief: The balloon was canceled, and she would no best accept to face him in court. There would be no added attractive over her accept aback she larboard the house, no added annoying about the gun. She was accessible to move on.

In August, Miller and a acquaintance — addition she’s accepted for bisected her activity — assuredly acclimatized into addition apartment, in a quiet adjacency aloof beyond the burghal line. On the January morning I aftermost visited her there, the air was warm, and from the bushes issued the agitated song of the accepted abode sparrow. Inside, Miller was active on the phone: Her roommate, she explained, had confused out a few weeks earlier, and she was fielding calls from abeyant replacements. I could apprehend her vetting them: “How old are you? What was your bearings afore this? What do you do for work? Do you accept three references?” So far, alone one company of four — a “no drama” restaurant administrator who formed continued hours — had bent her interest. And there had been a scare. “One woman showed up on a Sunday afterwards church, and she had her purse, a miniature poodle, and a attache bag,” Miller told me, as if to say, Can you accept it? As the woman stood on the avant-garde step, eyeing her expectantly, Alex shut the door.

*This commodity appears in the February 19, 2018, affair of New York Magazine. Subscribe Now!

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